Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Kitty Cat.....and a little on layouts

I enjoyed making that first page so much that I decided to make another one.

I find that the best scrapbook pages come from the simplest layouts. If you are unsure of where to start on a scrapbook page, start by drawing a rough sketch. It may take a few tries to get a sketch that you like, but its better that than putting it all together and not liking it. Here is the sketch that I started with for this scrapbook page:

Another tip I have for creating a layout that you like, is to not stick all of the elements down until you are happy with what you have. I put all of the photos and patterned paper onto black cardstock first, trimmed it, and then moved around the photos and patterned background a few times before sticking it down. I ended up going with my original idea, but its still a good idea to play around with it.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your post on my crafts carnival. I am often frustrating with my scrapbook projects but this tip seems so simple and it is an effective way of planning before I start cutting and pasting. I'll remember this for my next project. Your post is up here:http://keikigifts.brighterplanet.org/worth-mentioning/craftcarnival

  2. Thank you for sharing a great tip & a cute scrapbooking project - your cat is so beautiful!!

  3. I love your work! I too am an avid scrapbooker and I am always looking for inspiration to create and organize. I am currently in a contest to win an EZ View desk. It is am amazing piece of furniture. I will buy the workbox if I win the desk. If you like you can view the furniture at the following website and vote for my entry, #274 in the giveaway gallery. Check out my blog for examples of my work sometime soon! Thanks for sharing.
    Doreen Martinez