Friday, May 13, 2011

Dango Girls' Blog Hop

Welcome to the Dango Girls' Blog Hop. I'm so glad you hopped on over to my pad. We've got a lot of fun coming your way for the weekend and through the week. If you just happened to hop on over here and didn't know about this blog hop, then hop on over to the Scrapdango Blog (HERE) where you should start this hopping good time. Okay, enough with all the hopping. Let's get down to scrappiness.

We have a brand new DT over at Scrapdango, and this blog hop is a way to introduce us. You will learn a little about each of us, and we will each post a challenge. You have until next Friday the 20th at midnight EST to post comments on each blog and to complete the DT challenges. There will also be other ways to earn draws, and one lucky person is going to win a fantastic prize of one of Scrapdango's fabulous kits chock full of scrappy goodness. Here is the breakdown of how you can earn draws.

--1 draw by posting comments on each DT member's blog (must comment on all blogs to get the draw)
--1 draw for each challenge that you complete. Please provide a link to your challenge in a comment.
--1 draw for becoming or already being a Scrapdango Blog follower
--1 draw for becoming or already being a fan of Scrapdango on Facebook (FB Page HERE)
--2 draws for correctly answering quiz questions on the DT members. The quiz can be found on the Scrapdango forum HERE

Some fun facts about me:
My name is Vanessa Rose Lee Blythe - 2 middle names, which my brother was jealous of as a kid. His middle name is James, but he would always tell people it was James Bond. My first name was after Van Ness Avenue in SanFrancisco. Aside from scrapbooking, animals are my passion. My boyfriend and I walk dogs at the SPCA every week, and we are now fostering a cat and her kittens (7 of them!!!). It is going to be crazy when they get bigger (they are only just over a week old now) - but they will provide lots of material for scrapbooking. I also love to bake, but I don't very often because I tend to eat it all afterwards, which isn't great for my waistline. I wish that I liked cooking more, because I end up eating out way too much. The funny thing is, I really like watching cooking shows.

And that brings me to my challenge:

One of my favourite shows is Chopped, on the Food Network. For those who have never seen it, there are three rounds: Appetizer, Entree, Dessert, and for each round the contestants are given 3-5 "mystery ingredients". They can use the ingredients as much or as little as they want, but all of them must be included in some way, they are also allowed to add any other ingredients from the pantry and fridge.

So for this "Chopped" challenge
Your mystery ingredients are:

-Kraft Paper
-Stitching (machine, hand stitching, or doodled)
-A Grid
-photo(s) smaller than 4x6

You may interpret these "ingredients" in any way you like, and you have the use of anything from your "pantry/fridge" (scrapbook stash)

Can't wait to see what you cook up!

Here is my example:

So there you have it. Mine is the last blog on the hop....hope you had fun. I would recommend hopping over to the Scrapdango forums (HERE) - join in the fun, and share what you have come up with for our challenges...and don't forget to take the quiz!

Like I said at the beginning, if you have just ended up here, or got lost along the hop, here are the links to the other blogs:

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  1. I love your layouts and how you incorporate stitching in alot of them (or the ones I see anyway). I have to admit, stitching is not something I do on a regular basis on my layouts. I must try to do more because I really like how it looks

  2. Fabulous challenge Vanessa! Love the "ingredients" you chose too! Great layout! Love all those circles.

  3. Super layout example and a FUN challenge!! I love that show, too!

  4. Fun challenge! Love how you used a grid.

  5. Your lo is seriously cute! Love these kinds of challenges!!

  6. Love the 'grid" look of your page...the circles, the stitching and the tags....

  7. LOVE recipe challenges! :) Your example is FANTASTIC too! Off to see what I can do with this challenge. :)

  8. I love all of the little circles that make up the background!

  9. Lovin' your page Nessa!

    How are you going to be able to part with those fuzzy little darlings? Momma cat is a very pretty girl too. I think you should keep momma and 1 baby!

  10. I love your LO! So creative! I don't know how you can foster those kitties--I would have the hardest time giving them up!

  11. Love, Love, Love this layout! And this challenge is great! Chopped is one of my favorite shows too! :)

  12. Great layout! And good luck with those kittens. What a wonderful thing you are doing.